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Custom Manufacturing

Best Fit Performance Parts is not only providing our products to customers but also provides private label and custom manufacturing solution for our clients to fulfill one-stop service.

Private Label

Custom all-Aluminum Radiators & cooling kits. (typical MOQ 10 units)

Custom Air conditioning Hose Assembly (typical MOQ 100 units)

Custom Roto-molded Intake or Airbox (typical MOQ 200 units)

Custom Air filter (typical MOQ 100 pcs)

Custom Casted Oil Pan (typical MOQ 200 pcs)

Custom AN Hose Assembly (typical MOQ 50 pcs)

Custom Manufacturing – Casting/Machining/Metal Fabrication

we have diversified program and quality engineers in both our office and factories, we are able to apply our knowledge and experience and best practice from high volume Automotive OEM and lower volume machinery building to your project.

Our facilities are able to provide high precision Die Casting and Tooling, CNC Machining, CNC turning, custom metal forming and fabrication, 3D laser cutting, welding and assembly within our facility, with all the high precision machines: with 4-axis/3-axis CNC machines, CNC turning machines, 3D laser cutting machines, bending and stamping machines

Our company also provides flexible manufacturing solution for customers that parts are plastic, stainless metal, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze, which parts need to be polished, sandblasted, painted, plated, coated,

Many customers have benefited from our ability to assist in designing a more efficient and cost-effective product. This allows our customers to build the most effective product at the most affordable price, without having to compromise quality or lead time.

You may reach us anytime through phone calls or emails to discuss your contract manufacturing or sourcing needs.